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Was $55.99
Now $27.99

1 Silk Pillowcase
Made from the highest grade of Organic Mulberry Silk

Limited time only.
50% off
signature colors




Silver Lavender


Teal Sapphire


Rose Gold

Rose gold1.png

Replace your pillowcase with a Silver Lavender and induce calmness into your bedroom.

Add a splash of wine to your bedroom with this bold silk pillowcase in “Pinot”.

Group 4.jpg

Available for a limited time while stock lasts

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Ellipse 2_edited.png
Ellipse 2_edited.png

These might seem spendy up front but The quality is top of the line. Cotton lasts one to two years. My cheep silk has lasted 3 years without any signs of wear. These are far and away better quality than those. I would expect these to last many years. Buy them, you won’t be disappointed.

Ellipse 1_edited.png

Wonderful product. Better than 3 other silk pillow cases I have tried in the past. Much better quality (less fraying, softer silk, and superior zipper).

Ellipse 3_edited.png

I have tried Slip, kitsch, and this Colorado brand. Kitsch isn’t silk, it’s satin. Slip has stitching done on the pillow case which causes tears and rips even when you wash them in a care bag with delicate detergent. These held up in the wash on the gentle cycle and are soooo soft.

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