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How is silk good for my skin?⠀

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

What is alllll the hype about? Do I need to add ANOTHER product to my skin care routine? ⠀

We believe that "less is more”. The less time, money and effort you can spend on your skincare routine, the more time, money and effort you will have to spend on the truly important areas of your life. ⠀

Here is a quick list of things that will positively impact your skin simply by introducing a pure silk pillowcase into your bed… ⠀

✔️ Silk helps your skin retain moisture all-night-long; if you’re like me, you’ll want to put that expensive face cream to work, right? Well, by sleeping on a cotton surface, you’re basically saying “goodbye” to all of the natural oils & cream you apply to your face every night. ⠀

✔️ Silk is naturally antimicrobial; meaning, it resists bacteria and dust mites from harbouring on your pillows surface. By swapping your cotton to silk, you’re giving yourself a nice clean place to rest your face on every night. Which means, less acne breakouts caused by bacteria! #win

✔️ Silk is just so smooth on your skin! Cotton and other harsh fabrics promote fine lines and creases on your face, imagine the affects of sleeping on a harsh surface for 227,760 hours of your life! ⠀

Find your new silk slip on

— Dominique

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