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How to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Calming Sleep Sanctuary

We all know how important sleep is on not just our mood, weight management and energy levels... but our overall health. Which is why turning your bedroom into a Calming Sleep Sanctuary is the perfect project for this fall! From ambient lighting to soft linens, let's talk about all the little hacks that are easy installations to create your dream bedroom and feel at peace when you arrive in bed at the end of your busy day.

Why is a Calming Sleep Sanctuary important?

More and more studies have linked poor sleep quality with everything from allergies to depression, diabetes, heart disease and even Alzheimer's!

What to do with your walls

These changes will give your bedroom a whole new feel:

  • Apply a layered wallpaper for an accent wall behind your bed head, that makes a simple yet sophisticated statement

  • Paint a wall in a soft sage or rich charcoal

  • All throughout your room, use soft-silky textiles or a down comforter for a warm and cloud-like feel

Bedside table essentials

Declutter the items on your bedside table by making sure everything you see inspires you, calms you or feeds your soul in some way.

  • Change your bedside light globe to a soft, warm light

  • Add your favorite book or journal to your stand

  • Declutter your cords and chargers with this handy little organizer

  • Add a grounding stone or natural wooden piece

How to decorate your space

There are a few ways to decorate your bedroom in a calming sleep sanctuary. From installing warm, soft light bulbs throughout the room, or incorporating warm hues in your duvet cover, to setting a mood of peace and tranquility with your comforter set. Adding warm tones such as charcoal, gold, navy and off-white to your room will help relax your mind and body.


The perfect mix of calming, dimmable, and sleep-inducing lights can change how your energy feels when you enter a space. The perfect balanced mix of mood lighting for sleep is key for a Calming Sleep Sanctuary.

Another simple fix that can easily be done is setting your room up for a complete black-out at night. Many black-out curtains or blackout blinds are available on Amazon for less than $20. Throw in a blackout eye mask, and you have transformed your room from a bright and fluorescent light room to a peaceful sanctuary of the soul!


My pet peeve when it comes to room accents is that they're too boring. To make it really feel like you're in a calm, calming sleep sanctuary, bring in your favorite soothing color palette like navy blue and soft gray for your duvet and pillows.

Plants and Flowers

While we all know that fresh air does a body good, we're not always able to fit nature in the way we'd like. Make room for some greenery in your bedroom, and let your soothing environment help provide you with natural boosts of energy. Grow some houseplants, purchase cut flower bouquets to leave in vases around the room, and find succulents to compliment them for a full variety of moisture-loving, healthy, and sustainable greenery.

As this beautiful fall season draws near, these tips are a great start. I have a feeling your bedroom, already an oasis and sanctuary, will become even more tranquil as the season changes and your body follows. Explore our range of silk pillowcases, sleep masks, and bed sheets on Amazon

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