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Real or fake silk?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Here’s a quick guide on how to know whether your silk is genuine, or synthetic.

Silk is easily differentiated from polyester and satin, by simply feeling the difference. Although, if you haven’t had a real silk product before, you might not be able to tell the difference.

Silk is incredibly smooth to touch, natural and luxurious. Whereas synthetic materials are harsher on your skin.

If you’re still unsure whether you’ve got the real deal. You can take the “burn test” to determine your fabrics authenticity. Here are some instructions on how to determine pure silk from synthetic satin, using just; a sample of the fabric, and a lighter.

When you light satin, it will continue to burn even when the flame moves away. As the fabric burns, it tends to pile up into tiny balls of plastic.

When you light pure silk with a flame, it will ash away. And it will not stay alight once the flame is removed. All silk pillowcases that we produce come with a fabric sample that you can use to confirm the silks authenticity. Click here to purchase on #silkpillowcase #satin #polyester #burntest

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Hi folks, I just purchased 4 pillowcases through Amazon & one did not have your pretty tissue & label & the box was damaged. Xmas gift for my grand daughter...wondering if you can send me a new box with tissue. I love mine, keeps my neck cool at night. Pls. contact for my address. Thanx,

Judy Woods, Illinois

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