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Sleep deeper tonight with these 3 easy steps – guide for new moms.

Whether you’re experiencing life as a new mom, or you’re having a sleepless year -- a good nights sleep might sound like a dream. But it is not just a “nice to have”, it’s a “must have” for so many reasons we would hate to overlook.

As workloads increase, lifestyles get busier and family members are added, it's important for moms to make their sleep time count!

It would be naive to assume, putting the kids to bed earlier will solve all problems, which is why this blog is not about how to manage the kids, it's about how to manage YOU!

Here are our 3 steps to better sleep!

1. Sunlight

2. Physical Activity

3. Create an ideal sleeping environment (p.s. If this interests you, you can download the full eBook here)

1. Sunlight

Seems easy enough, right? Well that’s because it is!

However, timing matters, which a lot of people don’t consider... which therefore means a lot of people aren't actually ticking this step off properly. The most important thing to remember is that the best time for you to soak up some sun is in the morning, within the first few hours of waking up. All it takes is 15 minutes and the magic will start to happen, naturally. Sunlight helps produces serotonin which assists us with regulating our sleep and mood!

2. Physical Activity

You already know that exercising not only makes you feel good but also helps you to sleep! The reason for this is physical activity helps us to release certain hormones that commonly are the cause of keeping people up at night! Try exercising 1-2 hours before bed to see the best results. We recommend, Yoga as it wont hype you up too much and the kids can even join in!

3. Create an ideal sleeping environment Everyone has different preferences to what they like in the bedroom.... to help you sleep! 😉 But something that will help everyone to get a good sleep is having your room at an ideal temperature before jumping into bed.

Did you know that before we fall off to sleep our body temperature naturally decreases to initiate sleep?

If the bedroom is somewhere between 60 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit this will assist the process, leading to some sweet serotonin production, and sweeter dreams.

We have some bonus tips for you if you are still interested in reading on!

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